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Kiln Dried Logs 


We are Ready to Burn certified, meaning we have passed strict tests to ensure we produce great quality, guaranteed <20% moisture logs.

All our logs are kiln dried, superior quality FSC hardwood and are a sustainable, environmentally friendly and renewable energy source.  We use only varieties that burn well and have a high calorific output, meaning they burn hotter for longer, including Ash, Beech, Oak and Silver Birch. 

Unlike the competition, we don't import logs from Lithuania and Latvia, everything is locally felled, usually from under ten miles away.  

Quality is king and cheap imports are not what we're about.

Our production process is truly renewable - our logs are cut using an electric processor, powered by solar panels. Our logs are then dried in a woodchip heated solar power blown kiln system. 

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*Prices correct at time of publication - please refer to our online shop for the most up to date log prices. 

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Choosing the right size?


You want the biggest logs that will comfortably fit your fire as their larger size will naturally slow combustion.

Grab a tape measure and measure your fire!

As a general rule the following applies:

8" logs - perfect for even the smallest fires

10" logs - medium to large log burns and good size open fires

11"-15" logs - good size open fires and large log burners

16"-22" logs - only the very biggest log burners and open fires, we do have several customers who take these logs but primarily this size is for log burning biomass systems.  We're BSL certified suppliers of both woodchip and logs so they're suitable for use in the RHI scheme



Fast & Clean Wrapped Firelighters light easily first time, every time and burn longer, using fewer cubes meaning better value. Formulated to light even the most difficult fuels for indoor and outdoor fires. There really is no other firelighter like Zip - £3.00

  • Long burning 

  • Clean & convenient

  • Simply light the wrapper

  • Odourless

  • Easy to use and leaves no smell or mess

We also stock ZIP high performance energy firelighters. Powerful and long burning - £3.25 



Flamers natural firelighters are made from natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings, dipped in a refined paraffin wax - £5.00 (50)

  • UK produced 

  • Odourless 

  • Only one needed to start your fire or BBQ

  • Made from Natural Wood Wool

1 bag £8     2 for £15     3 for £20     15 for £90


Bags of coffee logs can be purchased from our online shop

Coffee Logs 


The UK produces 500,000 tonnes of spent coffee grounds every year, most of which is disposed of via landfill where it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 


Bio-bean ​collect spent coffee grounds from coffee shops, offices, transport hubs and coffee factories, recycling them into these quality briquettes which burn hot and last for over an hour. You can find out more about coffee logs by watching the short video below.






Our kindling is always tinder dry and made from clean, chemical and contaminate free softwood that would otherwise go to landfill.

This little green net is great value

Kiln dried kindling £4 each or 3 for £10 

Nets of Logs


Mix and match with our Coffee Logs multi buy offer.

Premium quality kiln dried hardwood. 

You won't find better logs anywhere

1 net £8,  3 for £21


Available now at - Thirsk Garden Centre




In addition to our own kindling, we also stock "Chopsticks". Chopsticks is non-profit charity that supports adults with disabilities to produce premium grade timber kindling, which would have otherwise be sent to landfill. In addition to gaining work experience the project supports disabled adults to develop social skills, make friendships and build their confidence. You can purchase Chopsticks via our online shop. 



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