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A family run, premium quality wood chip supplier. All our timber is locally sourced.


Optimum moisture content of fuel ensures a longer boiler life, higher efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Dry fuel means less wood is required (and fewer trees are felled) to get the same heat output. 


Goodechip is stored in dedicated buildings, keeping it dry, clean and uncontaminated, reducing the risk of boiler blockages and helping improve emissions. 

Feel free to call us to discuss our product.

P31S (G30) standard chip


Graded - any oversized pieces are removed using a screen, and we'll soon be adding dust extraction too


M20 (also called W20) - our chip is guaranteed to be under 20%

water content

Woodsure certified - meeting EU standards  [EN 14961]

P16B size, M20 moisture - less than 20% water content



Our mixed softwood is locally sourced from under 10 miles away


We choose varieties such as larch with good qualities for chip, like a high calorific content. Air drying the timber in the round reduces moisture to 35-40%


Not allowing round wood to become too dry ensures reduced fines and dust levels



Once chipped, a ventilated floor is used to finish the drying process


An oven test is performed to determine the moisture of the chip (accurate to within 0.25%)


The chip is then blended into the dry store before being tested again to double check the moisture

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Our custom made grading system removes any oversized chips, which could cause blockages in the auger or bridging in the wood chip store 

We are in the process of adding dust extraction to the grading system, which will not only make it nicer to handle but also will improve the way it burns



We can deliver in a range of sizes from 10m³ (Land Rover and tipping trailer) ... to over 100m³ (walking floor articulated lorry), and anything in between


We work with our customers to assess the best delivery size and method for them

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