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Goodechip fire lighting guide

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

A quick guide to lighting a fire in a wood burning stove

Before you start

If your glass needs a clean - the ideal time to clean it is before you light a fire and the stove is cold. Spray on stove cleaner and leave for 2-5 minutes max. Wipe with a cloth - kitchen roll is ideal. Glass cleaner is available to buy in our store.

Step 1

Leave the previous day's burnt out embers (ash pan underneath may need emptying every 3-4 weeks - depending on the size of the pan)

Step 2

Light one firelighter with kindling arranged in a LOTR style tower. We recommend Flamers firelighters which are available in our store.

Step 3

Fill fire with logs, cut end to the glass for better air flow.

Step 4

Make sure the primary air inlet is fully open, but the door and secondary inlet are closed. We recommend you check your stove's instruction manual to be sure to operate as intended.

Step 5

After 10 minutes, once all logs are roaring and glowing, reduce the air inlet to control heat output as desired. Note: never close the air supply by more than 75% as this will reduce the combustion temperature too much and cause emissions which are both harmful to human health and your fire, potentially increasing the risk of a chimney fire.

Step 6

After 1-2 hours when glowing embers are still visible you can add more logs.

See below for a visual guide of each step.


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